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Arbor Barber

Arbor Barber is a family-run business based in Tauranga. Owner Merv took over the business in 2018 when the founders exited the business after 10 years. Arbor Barber's lead arborist Zac has been with the business since it was established in 2008. Two of Merv's sons are also in the industry and help out from time to time.

The Arbor Barber team are experts at what they do, and take pride in keeping your garden, property or section in top condition! You can rest assured that the team will take care of your property as if it were their own - your trees will not only look great, but add real value to your property!


safe and clean

Our team of qualified and skilled arborists are ready to assess and tidy up your property. We can take care of everything from trimming excessive growth, to safely removing unwanted trees and branches. We also clear sections, improve plant structure, and treat diseased limbs.

When it comes to larger specimens, it's important to get professional advice from an Arbor Specialist who understands your needs. So much time and effort goes into the development of large trees, but one wrong cut can take years to rectify or leave your trees vulnerable to disease. We'll advise you on how best to look after your trees to keep them in optimal condition.

Large specimen trees take years to develop, and become the focal point for your landscape design. Tree maintenance, however, can quickly become difficult and potentially dangerous. And a wrong cut can take years to rectify, or leave your trees vulnerable to disease.

We take great pride in looking after your home, and look forward to the challenge of tackling difficult jobs. We'll take on the "too hard basket" jobs that other arborists have shied away from, and we'll do it with health and safety in mind.

Tricky slopes, slippery terrain or hard-to-get-to sites, we’ve got the right tree maintenance solution for your section.

NZ Arb Membership Certificate - Corporate 2021_2022
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